1. Ask quality certificates for materials and leather used in your car interior, and find its origin. Don’t allow inappropriate material usage in your car interior (for example furniture, shoe, milinery leather, furniture fabric or ordinary indoor carpet).
As to the car interior, it has really extreme explotation conditions:
Fast temperature changes. Situation – it is winter and the temperature in your car is  -15°C. When you get in your car and turn the seat heating on, the temperature of seat upholstery rises to +45°C in 5 minute time. So the temperature range is up to 65°C in 5 minutes.
The direct sun rays. The direct sunrays have a bad effect on every detail of your car interior. As to the dark color interior, its temperature rises up to 70°C in summer. Low quality leather and inapproperiate materials can change its color, start smelling, shrink or chap.
That’s why it’s very important to use special car interior leather and materials which are made according to special technologies, to make it able to cope with these extreme conditions.
2.      Definitely, find out where the person, who will make your car interior, has mastered his skills in making upholstery or any equal skills. Also find out what is his qualification and his work experience.
Note. The brand doesn’t always guarantee the quality and for the successful realization of the project the main things will be the master’s skills and the quality of the materials.
3.      If you have already chosen the company where to make your car interior, ask to show the pictures of the previous projects, or even better, ready interior details, so you can see and feel its quality or even sit on it (seat)!
4.      Ask your friends advice. Maybe they can recommend you some companies or have experience in same kind of projects.
5.      When talking to the manager of the company it is very important to hear the masters, who will carry out the project, advice and suggestions about technical side of the project. Usually the managers aren’t competent in projects realization and their main goal is to sell the product.
6.      Before making the order, find out what are the guaranties for the product (project) and how does the company or the master guarantee the product’s (project’s) quality. (for example – according to the constitution, in Latvian Republic all the products and services must have 2 year guaranty)
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