We are official leather dealers of German leather producers Leder Reinhardt GmbH. Our collection includes wide range of leather for upholstery, clothing, leather goods, car and airplane interious.
Our contacts :
t. +371 29234141 (LAT and RUS)
t. +371 29638884 (ENG)
e-mail : melders@cardesign.lv
skype: www.cardesign.lv
Auto Apollo
Auto Dinamica
Auto Merino
Auto MONZA Catania
Auto MONZA Dacota
Auto MONZA Lugano
Auto MONZA Montana
Auto MONZA Nevada
Auto MONZA Quarz
Auto Silverstone
Auto Valcona
Exclusive Auto Carpet
Exclusive Carbon
Exclusive Perforations
Furniture Anilina
Furniture Blankleder
Furniture Eldorado
Furniture Florenz
Furniture Gaucholin
Furniture Mobelspalte
Furniture Montana
Furniture Napoli
Furniture Reno
Furniture Roma
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